15 Weeks (and back from the babymoon!)

Today marks the 15th week! I think this week has gone by the fastest so far, mostly due to the fact that we were gone for all of it. We just arrived back from our “babymoon” last night. As I mentioned in the last post we traveled to St. John for 3 days and St. Thomas for 3 days. We had an amazing time together. Although we will travel a couple more times before the baby arrives, this was a trip that was about just the two of us taking time to relax and enjoy the sun and water!

Before I get into any details on the trip itself, here is what’s happening with CLL this week!

Size: 4″ (about the size of a naval orange)

Weight: 2.5 oz

How I’m feeling: Right now a little tired from the trip home, but otherwise great! Eating on the islands were tough (M and I had to ask lots of questions about the seafood everywhere as there were few vegetarian options) and I’m still not yet craving my usual veggies but most nausea is gone! Feeling less tired and more energized too! The one thing I did realize while I was away is that I can no longer lay flat on my back on a hard surface. We tried going to a couple remote beaches on St. John and without a beach chair I was extremely uncomfortable. My back felt like it was breaking!

Body Changes: I can’t say there are too many physical changes that are noticeable yet! I’ve definitely gained a solid 7-9lbs (eeek!) but I only notice my baby bump when I’m lying down. It definitely sticks out. When I am standing, it’s harder to tell. It was so nice to wear sundresses for a week and not worry about tight jeans/pants!

M is the photographer in the family and since we just arrived back last night he hasn’t had a chance to upload any of his photos yet. In the meantime, here are some photos from the trip from our iPhones.

Mach Windsurfing on St. Thomas
View from the Ferry Dock on St. John
Sitting on the Beach!
Relaxing after lots of sun!
Corona for Mach...
Virgin Pina Coladas for me!

Beach Pano
beautiful water
Getting prepped!


We are headed to CT this weekend as I am hosting my little sister, Jessica’s Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Festivities! I could not be more excited. I mean…how beautiful of a bride will she be?!?!

Bride to Be!

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