21 Weeks and a trip to Ireland

This past week has been very busy. I traveled to Ireland last Thursday and arrived home Tuesday night. Although I had been a bit anxious about traveling such a distance for such a short amount of time, it went down without a hitch and made me feel better about making the trip in 2 months. I had to wear compression socks and I was advised to walk around a lot during the flight. My doctor was very comfortable with me traveling but just wanted me to take extra precautions during the flight to protect against blood clots. I have a feeling the flight will feel a lot different in July when I am almost in my 3rd trimester!

Baby Size: CLL is about 10.5″ long and weighs about 12.7 ounces. The fruit comparison is a pomegranate!

Fun Facts: If it’s a girl, she’s already produced over 6 million eggs in her womb!

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling pretty good. No major complaints here. I still have back pain that comes and goes. It really all depends on where I am sitting or how long I’m standing. I feel like this past week has marked a pretty big change in my body. I definitely look more pregnant now and I feel like my growing belly is contributing to my back pain. The baby is also kicking/moving up a storm. I definitely never expected to feel the baby move as much as I do this early. My sister Jess was able to feel the baby move too! It’s exciting to share that with your close family and friends. Whether CLL is a boy or a girl-it’s coming out kicking for sure!

Our scanner isn’t working at the moment so the pictures from the appointment last week are a bit weak. I had to take them with my cell phone so please forgive the quality. I think the tech took certain photos to make sure not to show any angles for those of you TRYING to determine the gender. CLL is all curled up in most of them 🙂

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