36 weeks + lots of baby love

Baby Size: I’m guessing around 7lbs+? The fruit comparison this week is a honeydew melon!

Fun Facts: The baby’s kidneys and liver are in working order now. Circulation and immune system are also up and running!

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling good! I have managed to get a sleeping pattern down a bit and adjusted to the big belly that just seems to be getting larger! We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday where I had my first internal exam! It wasn’t the most comfortable but I’d better get used to poking and prodding down there! She was able to tell me that my cervix is still closed but soft. She is thinking that the baby will most likely come closer to my due date rather than most first time Moms who go later. That being said, one never knows! We took a look at the baby again on the sonogram to check the positioning. S/he is in perfect position for delivery, which is great news since we already know we are dealing with a large babe! The concern with having a larger baby can sometimes be lack of amniotic fluid later in the pregnancy (usually due to gestational diabetes, which I don’t have), so it’s very important that I pay attention to the baby movements. I need to be feeling 10 movements every hour. If not, I need to call the Dr. When we checked the fluid levels on Monday, everything looked great!

We celebrated on Sunday at Shake Shack with friends. It was great to do a more casual baby celebration-I didn’t open any gifts and we just enjoyed some yummy food and good company! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for throwing us a 2nd amazing party! We did get a lot of fun gifts both on and off the registry and it was great to come home and spend time opening them with just Mach and myself.

I’m off for a gals getaway in Rhode Island this weekend. It will be a last hurrah of sorts because after this weekend I really can’t go anywhere else! The doctor wants me close so that if I do go into labor I can be within a reasonable distance from the hospital. Looking forward to some quality time with my besties in a beautiful place!

Some Shake Shack baby celebration photos:



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