4 Months!

Our little nugget is 4 months old!


I can hardly believe it. It really feels like just yesterday that Ellery was still in my tummy and we were wondering who this little babe was.

Elle is doing so many new and exciting things these days. Her neck strength is great and she is much more curious about the world around her. She loves looking around at lights and any new sounds she hears. Her precision when trying to grab things is getting better and better too. Watching her interact with the world around her never gets old.

I am still breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. We’ve gotten into such a great routine that the whole process feels very natural. I know to a lot of people it might seem a bit laborious but I believe she enjoys nursing (as do I) and I know any amount of breast milk is better than none if its possible. I’m not sure how long she will want to breastfeed so I am just taking it day by day. I’ve also begun reading about the process of introducing “solids”, which we plan to do around 5 or 6 months (depending on when she starts to be more stable sitting on her own as well as her “interest”. I don’t feel any pressure to rush her, especially since she is still breastfeeding.

We had her 4 month check up and the doctor was very pleased with her progress. She is in the 98th and 99th percentile for head size and height. Her weight is about 68th percentile, which is also good. She is one tall little baby with a big head, thanks to both me and M!

some waiting room smiles..

mach elle drs

kicking around on the paper in the room is one of her favorite things to do.4 mos checkup 2

some measurements…4 mos checkup 1

waiting for the nurse with the shots! eek!
4 mos checkup 3

as it happened with the two month shots, Elle got a low-grade fever. It was enough to make her pretty sad and cranky for a couple of days!

fever 1

We celebrated Mach’s Birthday over the weekend in Boston and CT. A few great dinners with the fam and some snuggles with the nugget!

happy birthday dad

happy birthday dad 1

happy birthday dad 2

Eating at the Chefs table at a great spot in Simsbury, CT called the Millwright. VERY babe friendly!

happy birthday dad 3

Back in NYC, Elle did some acrobatic moves in the stroller while we did laundry,doing laundry 1

In other news, Elle grew out of every bassinet we had. We found she was waking herself up at night hitting the sides with her feet and legs! We rush ordered an Oeuf crib I’d been swooning over for a while. We weren’t quite ready to get rid of the full bed in her room as its been super helpful to have for family to use when they visit, so we moved her changing table to our room and put the crib snuggly where the dresser used to be. It’s tight, but works for now!

*note, the elephant comes out when she goes in!


Ellery successfully completed her first night in her crib as well as a nap this morning! I’m not sure who was more nervous last night, her or me! There was something a bit sad and scary about not having her right next to me. That being said, she was totally ready for it and I was still able to hear every sound she made. When she woke up this morning I went in to get her and brought her back into bed to nurse just as we’ve done everyday. Now, we have our bedroom back and she has her own quiet, peaceful place to sleep. Everyone wins!
crib nap

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