Crawling + Standing = Baby Proofing!

We are full on crawling (scooting with one leg up) and pulling ourselves up onto anything and everything! I’m tired!

Ellery is so excited about all her new moves that she likes to practice them on any piece of furniture (or my legs) that she can get her hands on.



She made herself a little fort between the two chairs up in Cape Cod. This made for endless games of peekaboo.



She’s discovered Sophie’s basket of dog toys. “Porkie” the Porcupine is excites her and scares her at the same time. She can’t get enough.



Ellery managed to pull herself up and grab a piece of crostini while I wasn’t paying attention (about 5 seconds.) She was very proud of her find!



We spent some time hanging in the yard one evening. Ellery loves her little chair I made her! Seriously considering making these and selling them (or just giving as gifts for now 🙂



Our days are spent doing exploring the apartment and me constantly having one hand on her hand to help keep her steady! This is going to be an exciting (and tiring) time learning to walk!

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