Halfway there! 20 Weeks…

This week’s post is going to be short and sweet as I have been extremely busy with work and I’m off to Ireland tomorrow for the final visit before Jess & Brian’s Wedding in July. The trip will be quick and packed with meetings and such.

Today marks the 20th week! I can’t believe we’re halfway through already. We had our 20 week appointment with our doctor as well as our anatomy scan. We got to see the baby moving all around and each little body part got measured. Everything looked perfect and healthy (thank goodness)! Although we don’t know the gender and don’t want to know it until he/she arrives, Mach thinks he saw something 🙂 Who knows what it is he saw but as long as our baby is healthy, I will be thrilled. We have some new photos but I’m not at computer at home so those photos will have to wait until next week!

Baby Size: About 10″ long, head to heel & about 10 1/2 ounces. The fruit comparison is a small cantaloupe.

Fun Facts: The baby is swallowing more and also beginning to produce meconium, a by-product of digestion, which we will see in the baby’s first few diapers.

How I’m Feeling: Other than some annoying lower back pain, I’m feeling physically good! I’m adjusting to the growing baby inside me and the growing bump on my lower abdomen. I’m looking forward to warmer weather when a sundress is all I need to worry about wearing! The baby is kicking more and more and I’m starting to notice patterns and certain times of day when it happens the most. I am almost always guaranteed a few kicks after I eat and definitely more in the evening when I’m relaxing.

That’s it for now, I promise to post a lot more when I get back next week!

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