Post Baby Weight: Soul Cycle


So, I generally don’t write about things unless they are really worth writing about.

I hate to admit it, but I have fallen for the current spinning craze called Soul Cycle. I used to spin pretty obsessively back in high school (and I am proud to say it was loooong before it was “cool” to spin). I loved it and I have fallen in love all over again.


Soul Cycle is a FULL body workout with high intensity music and coaching by your instructor. It’s dark in the room and the idea is that you ride as a pack, as a family so to speak. So, you try to match your stride to the person next to you. It’s hard and its sweaty but most importantly, it is fun and you leave on a high. I don’t know any other exercise that you can do in 45 minutes that will leave you feeling as good as Soul Cycle does. It truly is good for your soul.


It’s pretty expensive-$38/ride, which doesn’t include shoe rental (you need to clip into the bike) or water BUT they do have free hair elastics, lockers, towels & sticks of orbit gum at the front desk. These are all little things that I happen to notice and appreciate!

A location just opened in my neighborhood making it easier for me to get to and even has mecontemplating cancelling my gym membership!

If you don’t have a Soul Cycle near you, come visit me in NYC and I will treat you to your first class!


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