Super Bowl Surprise!

this past week has been a lot of sleeping, coughing, sleeping some more and finally a doctor’s appointment to determine both M and myself were sick! I have bronchitis and M was on the verge of getting something nasty. We spent Friday snuggled on the couch, watching Jersey Shore & taking our meds. On Saturday, we ventured out for a walk in the sun, ran a few errands and then came home to rest some more. As M was feeling a little better, he suggested we go out to dinner that night. We agreed to go eat at the new restaurant a block away from us called, Bakehouse. Once there, we quickly realized it was a bad idea as it was busy and neither of us were interested in eating. My stomach was acting funny and I was overall feeling gross. It dawned on me that it was supposed to be that time of the month the day before-so I figured the stomach ache was related to that. Sunday morning M and I decided we weren’t going to make it to our friends apartment to watch the Superbowl so we got some coffee and breakfast and planned out our day (full of tissues, some snacks and lots of snuggling with Sophie)! But when I remembered that I still hadn’t gotten my P, I suggested lightly that maybe we make a stop at Duane for a Pregnancy test (just to ease my anxiety)!

So we did, and we came home, leisurely ate our fave bagels from Grounded (our fave coffee shop) and then I figured I’d take the test, no big deal, right? It definitely wasn’t going to be positive. Except it was. TWICE!

I am not really sure that I got the jumping up and down excitement-I reacted how I usually react to these big life moments (aka getting engaged, married, etc…) I froze slightly, started to shake, cried a little out of both excitement and panic, then M and I hugged a lot and he reassured me that this is an amazing thing. Feeling still pretty sick with bronchitis, we laid low for the rest of the day and watching the Giants WIN the 2012 Superbowl. I think that topped off M’s excitement (f that was possible)!

There is a lot to think about and I am trying to stay as calm as possible. I don’t have many friends with babies yet-and I definitely don’t have any friends with babies here in NYC. Hopefully, that will change soon!

It’s really exciting and I know that the timing of everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I’m hoping to document these next 9 months so I have lots to share with the little one growing inside me.

FYI: We came up with this blog name because of my Aunty Mare…she started asking us last summer when CLL would be making an appearance? We didn’t know what that abbreviation was for and she told us simply, Cute Little Labinski! We laughed it off-how silly! But then when I realized I wanted to start a blog-we needed a name! So…here we go!

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