10 Months

I feel like I start every blog post with “I can’t believe she is…” but no, seriously, I really can’t believe ten months has gone by.

With the cooler weather this past week I’ve felt Fall beginning to creep in and it floods my memory of being very pregnant this time last year with our little babe. I felt so innocently anxious, excited and as prepared as one could be for this wild adventure. Life was definitely more simple then but how much more fulfilled it feels now.

We are taking some family photos tomorrow and it was almost exactly 1 year ago to date that we took our maternity ones. I don’t know how I didn’t know that I was having a HUGE baby based on how big my stomach was! I pulled up a couple to see…

Ellery 08-2012

Ellery 08-2012 (2)

Ellery 08-2012 (1)

I will definitely share the family photos (pending we all look okay 🙂

This past month we have spent some time in the Cape, CT and the city. We’ve been busy with work, doing some planning for the future (next move, etc…) and lots of quality time with our babe.

At 10 Months Ellery is:

  • Crawling, very fast and pulling herself up on everything she can! No official walking yet, which is totally okay by me!
  • Feeding Sophie at every meal.
  • Very chatty and uses her hands a lot to express herself while speaking.
  • Giving baby kisses (sometimes on command but most of the time when she is feeling like it)
  • Eating TONS of blueberries (blue poo anyone?)
  • Still loving all her quinoa + whole wheat pastas with tomato sauce and some veggie or beans.
  • Jumping on all the puppies.
  • Swimming
  • Sucking her thumb and rubbing her hair or ear while getting sleepy.

Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks:


Getting into lots of trouble these days!


Lunch in West Hartford Center after our hike (everyone thought she was a little boy…it was actually pretty funny!)


Windows down!


Sunday Hike


Very skeptical of the selfies.

IMG_7461 IMG_7460

Doing some bow re-organization (along with some serious closet cleaning-time for new sizes + fall clothes!)


Dinner at Hartford Golf Club with Grammie and Grampy.


Be-boppin’ around West Hartford with Dad


Pool time in CT


“Grammie lets me sit wherever I want, even on tables!”


Kicky feet in the pool with Mom.


Sophie is now the BEST riding animal!


Snuggles with Auntie Jess


In the waiting room at our Naturopath’s office.


Testing out the homemade teething biscuits-she loved them but they were too soft for my liking!


Morning smoothie break.



Play date with Ellery’s new friend, Quinn and Auntie Chels.

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