11 Month Update

Fall is here and we’ve begun lots of new fun classes.

Ellery turned 11 Months last week and literally amazes me every day with how much she’s grown up. She’s taking more and more steps each day and I have no doubt she will be running circles around me in a few months.

At 11 Months she is LOVING:

  • Playing/harassing Sophie any chance she gets.
  • Drinking her smoothies
  • Baths (as long as you don’t pour water in her face)
  • Playing in Sophie’s water bowl
  • Practicing walking
  • Listening to music
  • Spending time with other kids and babies
  • Swinging!

Not loving:

  • Water in her face during baths (although she doesn’t mind it during swim class)
  • A lot of the foods she used to love! We are having to get creative with meals.
  • Getting the diaper changed.
  • Having something taken from her that she isn’t supposed to have. It makes me wonder if we are going to start tantrums at an early age (eeek!)
  • Being put in the stroller or car seat when she isn’t feeling like it-tantrum city.

She is getting so good and doing things like getting dressed. I noticed she was putting her arms through her sleeves on her own today, without me doing it. Ellery is also determined to feed herself with a spoon. I’ve had to let go a bit and let her fling food off the spoon as she is learning.

Sleeping: Other than some teething and a cold, Ellery is sleeping from 7:30pm until 6:30am with a nap around 9am for an hour/hour and half and a nap around 2pm for an hour and a half to two hours.

There aren’t any real words yet except dadad and mamama sometimes. She will hold the phone to her ear and make a noise to tell me she’s trying to say hello, but again, the words aren’t there yet. If you ask her questions, she can point to the answer. Like, where is Sophie? Where is your belly button, etc…It’s enough to make us proud 🙂


Loving the fresh laundry (she’s really good at helping Mommy UN-fold the clothes)



In the dressing room at Swim class.


Someone is SO happy to have their Auntie Jess at Swim with her…



Favorite Book: Arno Needs Glasses!


We took Ellery up to Stone Barns for her first time! She loved it!



Visiting the piggies!

stone barns 1

stone barns 2

Waiting for music class to begin!


Lots of cute boy friends in class.


Playing/bothering Sophie.



Afternoon visit to the HighLine with Mom. The green light is from the elevator.



Splashing in the water area on the HighLine


Shaved Ice from Peoples Pop



Coloring with Dad




Hanging outside our class enjoying this amazing Fall weather!



drumming. No big deal.


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