12 Weeks!

Today was an exciting day. M and I were up early for our Nuchal Translucency Screening and monthly appointment. Everything went really well at the screening, although CLL didn’t really want to move into the proper positioning for a while. The Ultrasound Tech had me move into several different positions on my side and my back and then she gave me some orange juice in the hopes that some sugar might get the baby every more excited to flip over. It took a few minutes but then the baby moved into the right positioning and she was able to take the measurements. Everything looked good! M and I couldn’t believe how much the baby moved and really LOOKED like a baby. The last ultrasound we had the baby was still so tiny that we weren’t able to see fingers or facial features. Here are some pictures:

I had a finger prick test after and then we headed over to our Doctor’s appointment. We had a great appointment with her-and she gave us the go ahead to tell everyone the news (as oppose to waiting for the finger prick test results to come back). M took a picture of the waiting room-not sure these other woman would’ve been happy about this photo! Not long after he took the photo, fellow New Yorker Susan Sarandon walked out of the doctors office!

Mach went off to work and I headed on a few errands. One of which was my first visit to the maternity store, Belly Dance maternity. I wasn’t planning on getting anything but I saw the Bella Band and decided that I could definitely put that to use in the coming weeks, especially with some of my very skinny, skinny jeans. They had some really great things that I might be able to get down the road. I stopped by Le Pain Quotidien on my walk home and treated myself to a mint lemonade.

We ended the day with a walk with our Goose.

Can’t wait to share the news with EVERYONE!

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