13 Months Plus Some.

13 months has come and gone but I still want to squeeze in a quick update!

Ellery is growing so much! I feel like I turn my back for a minute and she changes.

She is very busy these days-walking everywhere and trying to talk (but not able to say too many actual words yet). We think she’s said “hi” a few times along with the usual mommmaa and dada (not directed at us but just out loud when she feels like it!) She’s working out the “shhh” sound as well as “haa” but in a tiny, whisper when trying to say “hot”. It’s quite cute if I do say so myself.

I’ve really been slacking with photos! So, excuse the lack of options for this update! I’m working on it 🙂



Silly selfies before bed.



The pony tail is growing!


Waiting for breakfast in CT over Thanksgiving.




My kind of Turkey 🙂


Visiting Arethusa Farm in CT. The cows were inside at that time but they go out to pasture every day. They are stunning and so sweet! If you ever get a chance, go visit. It really should be the only way we drink cow milk.



This lady gave loads of kisses!

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