14 Weeks!

14 Weeks marks the beginning of the Second Trimester!

The Second Trimester is a big deal because it typically means a whole lot less of the gross-ness (nausea, food aversions, feeling tired, etc…) and a lot more of the good stuff! I’m looking forward to feeling good, getting my eating on track and loads more energy!

I’ve definitely been feeling less interested in those afternoon naps but I can’t say I am any less tired in the evening. Lately, without a nap, I am ready for bed around dinner time! I manage to make it to around 10pm but once my head hits the pillow, I’m done.

This past weekend, M and I spent Easter in CT with my family. We ate WAY too much delicious food and I was happy to get in some QT with my girls at home. We took a walk at the Reservoir on Saturday together with all our babies! I pushed Caitlyn’s son, Wyatt. Jenny and my Sister Jess walked the two pups! Helen’s Son, Silo and Caitlyn’s newest addition, Quinn were adorable and perfectly content on the walk.

M took this photo of Silo (almost 8 months old) before our walk-he is SO happy! Love it!

I took this photo of Quinn (3 months old)…I mean…can you handle this face?! I am surrounded by the most beautiful friends and their wonderful children (dogs included.) We are very lucky!

Caitlyn gave Mach and I an adorable gift (although her baby knowledge is seriously a gift in itself!)

It’s a beautiful Aden and Anaiswrap, which I LOVE already. I know I will definitely need to stock up on a few more of these. We also got the sweetest book and hat. I think if the hat fits the baby when he/she is born, it might be the hat we take him/her home from the hospital in! The angel wings are just so precious. Thank you, Bernabucci Family!

Mach and I are off on an early Babymoon to St. John & St. Thomas tomorrow and I could not be more excited for some warm weather and relax time! This will most likely be one of the last vacations we take where it’s just the two of us. We don’t have any set plans for this trip except to relax and explore the beaches as much as possible. I’m packing TONS of sunscreen, lots of sundresses & baby books for the plane ride! I will post lots of pictures when we get back next week!

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