15 Weeks & a Storm Called Nemo…

well, Elle made it through her very first “real” snowstorm!


Maciej was away for a long weekend, so I was lucky enough to have my amazing sister, Jess, come down from Boston to help me with Ellery. The timing worked out that I had several work meetings that I needed to attend while Maciej was away, so we needed some help! Auntie Jess to the rescue. I am not sure who was more nervous about me being gone the entire day-me or Jess! It was the first time I left Elle for more than a couple of hours. It was weird to be out for so long without her, but I brought my pump and made it work! I give so much credit to the Moms who do it every day.



While Jess was here, storm Nemo also showed its face. No one was sure how much snow NYC would get, everyone was bracing for the worst. Jess and I snuggled into our apartment, bought all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey, ordered yummy take-out and braced for the worst. NYC only got about 8-10″, which worked out because on Saturday, when all was over, we were able to bop around the city a bit.


[wpvideo 8bDBKr3X]

I can’t believe we are almost at the 4 month mark with our Elle Belle/Nugget lady…she is more amazing every minute of every day. I catch myself just sitting and smiling when it’s just the two of us hanging out together. She’s grown up SO much already. I can’t wrap my head around how my little (ok, maybe not so little) newborn baby is already looking like such a little girl! I feel so lucky to have such an amazing daughter.

Someone found her thumb and knows how to use it!IMG_3724



Quick nap at the yoga studio…IMG_3673

Killing it at tummy time class!IMG_3672

Not thrilled to be in her car seat (but the face is priceless).IMG_3662

Outgrowing her Mamaroo way too fast!IMG_3658


So giggly all.the.time!


[wpvideo Jk8epDwd]

One day she will be quite upset that she slept through her very first visit to Levain Bakery! I WILL take her back when she is old enough to appreciate the importance of an amazing cookie.

and I can’t forget a photo of her very first valentine’s day gift from two young, handsome fellas from CT. Thank you, Wyatt and Quinn for spoiling our little babe with loads of love already! We LOVE this book!IMG_3770

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