19 Weeks and a New Apartment!

Baby Size: CLL is about 6″ long and weighing about 8.5 ounces! The fruit comparison is a mango.

Fun Facts: This week CLL is working on developing the 5 senses. CLL can most likely hear us at this point so I am trying to get into a habit of playing music while I work! Nerve cells for his/her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in his/her brain. In addition, CLL is now able to make more intricate facial expressions, such as frowning or smiling.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling good! Tired and sore from the move but other than some back pain, I feel great! I’ve been feeling the baby move/kick a bunch! Now that I know what it is I can tell immediately when it’s happening. I feel it most when I am sitting at the computer working or relaxing on the couch at night. Mach was able to feel the baby kick for the first time last night! I was laying down in bed and I felt a pretty hard kick/punch that I was able to feel from the outside. I called him in and after a solid amount of time waiting, it happened again! He was surprised and excited! It was nice to finally be able to share what I’ve been feeling for the past week or so.

This past weekend was Mother’s Day and although I am not technically a Mother YET, M surprised me with a present and the sweetest card ever. I thought I was going to cry from the card alone-I was just so surprised that he would think to get me a gift. It was a great pick me up in the midst of packing craziness!

It was a beautiful top from Calypso.

The big thing that happened this week has been our move. We only moved down one floor in our current apartment building, but it still felt overwhelming and a lot of work. We still had to pack everything up as if we were moving to another location. We weren’t able to get into the new apartment to paint CLL’s room as early as we expected so we ended up painting after Mach got out of class on Monday night (around 10pm). It was quite a sight. We were both over tired and silly. Here are some pictures! We chose this lighter gray color called Moonshine. It’s hard to tell in the photos. I promise to take more of the apartment and CLL’s room once it’s complete.

Sophie kept watch of our painting as we worked!

Tired but finished! (this was around 11:45pm, FYI)

Soph and I snuck into the new closet to check it out…

Our 20 Week anatomy appointment is next week, so hopefully I will have some great photos to share in the next post!

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