21, 22 & 23 Weeks

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post-these past few weeks has been a bit of a whirlwind. I am reminded today after everything that happened in Boston, that we all need to take time each day to appreciate everything we have. I feel so blessed to have an amazing baby, husband and family and friends. Sending lots of love to those in Boston today.

Ellery turns 6 months this coming week and I can’t believe it! Time has flown by.

Here is a photo roundup of these past few weeks:

A belated Easter photo:


Posing in her bunny slippers.IMG_4672

Apple Puree!IMG_4705

Elle LOVES her play mat. She has become quite the roller on it.

Taking full notice of the camera when waking up from nap time.IMG_4730


Pea Puree. She was NOT a fan. IMG_4749

Bonding time with her goose.IMG_4767

Mommy and Me YogaIMG_4778


Mach sneaking in some extra snuggles.IMG_4829

We took Jess and Brian to Robertas for brunch one day. We all ate too much.IMG_4836

Victory Garden!IMG_4862

[wpvideo ZeNOBy0y]

Elle loves her music class at Swaddle Waddle.IMG_4892

[wpvideo gn04VKwc]


[wpvideo hgMaoXKN]

Bedtime stories.


Baby shoes!IMG_4972

Helping Auntie Jess with her first Lovage Babyblends tasting!IMG_4983

Still all smiles after a very long drive back from Boston.IMG_5005

Getting ready for our trip to San Francisco this week!


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