26 weeks & some baby bump snapshots

Baby Size: Baby weight is around 2lbs give or take and about 14″ in length. The veggie comparison this week is a head of lettuce!

Fun Facts: This week the baby’s eyes are forming and will soon start to open. His/her eyelashes are now grown too! CLL is busy soaking up antibodies to help prepare him/her for life on the outside!

How I’m Feeling: This past week has been busy. Between a friend’s wedding in Philly and July 4th, the baby has been exposed to LOTS of new sounds. Mach and I are at the Cape now, soaking in the sun and trying to do as much relaxing as possible. The bump is growing faster and faster and sometimes I’m not even sure I have a whole 3 months + left for growing! Finally, some photos below that include me and the bump!






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