30 Weeks (and lots of traveling)

time is FLYING by…10 more weeks to go (give or take)!

Baby Size: CLL is now about 15.5″ in length and weighing about 3lbs (rough estimates). The vegetable comparison this week is a cucumber.

Fun Facts: Baby skin is smoothing out and the brain is getting more wrinkly as it matures with lots of new brain tissue. CLL can now use his/her fingers to grasp onto things as it’s getting stronger day by day!

How I’m Feeling: TIRED! This past week has been filled with so many amazing, exciting emotions. My Sister, Jess got married in Ireland this past weekend and we were there about 5 days prior for prep (as I was the planner of the wedding) and then Mach and I traveled to Dublin after for a few days to see some sites. Between working and trying to make it the best wedding imaginable AND adjusting to new beds, new time zones, etc…I am just a bit tired! I think it might also have to do with the fact that it’s finally settling in that I need to slow down a touch. The third trimester is definitely a period of adjustment and my growing belly is making that more apparent. I had wonderful support from all the family and friends that were there for Jess and Brian’s big weekend-lots of lovely comments and compliments, which is always nice to receive when you are trying to dress up a big belly! It was an amazing trip and we were truly blessed with STUNNING weather throughout the entire wedding weekend. The locals couldn’t believe how lucky we were. I can’t wait to share the professional photos and video from StillMotion with everyone.

Here are some photos from the trip (most are from instagram and I don’t have many others since I was running around quite a bit):

Prior to the wedding, Dad and Jess took a Father/Daughter helicopter ride around Ireland for some quality time! It was amazing. They picked them up right at our hotel.

After the Wedding, Mach and I went to Dublin for a few days-Mach drank enough Guinness for the both of us (and some Jameson too)!

Mach was exciting when we visited Trinity College Dublin. Here he is pointing to the sign that was up at the Gravity Bar at the Guinness storehouse.

We toured the Jameson Distillery, which was a lot of fun. I was definitely okay NOT tasting anything 🙂

Fake sipping a Guinness for Mach’s photo op-

Not the greatest photo-but one of the few we managed to take at the wedding. This is just prior to getting on the ferry to head over to Dromquinna for the reception!

And in baby news-I purchased this AMAZING onesie from a website I love called Alder & Co. Turns out this company is located here in NYC and I could have just bopped down to SoHo to get. Nevertheless, I am obsessed with this onesie and if they weren’t so pricey I would buy 10 more. Here is a link to where you can find more of their clothes.http://www.makieclothier.com/ The material isunbelievablesoft and breathable. The cut is very forgiving so that you can put your baby in it at various stages. It’s almost like a little kimono.

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