31 Weeks and a large BUMP!

Mach thought it would be funny to make me pose for this photo along the side of the road last weekend-I was less than enthused…but happy to now have a fun photo for the blog!

Baby Size: CLL is about 16″ in length, give or take and weighing about 3.3lbs. The fruit comparison this week is a pineapple!

Fun Facts: All five senses are now in working order! Our baby’s iris’ can now react to light too.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling heavy-and I know it’s not even the worst of it! I think the heat combined with my growing tummy is making it a little tougher to do normal things. I don’t think I am waddling yet, thank goodness, but I’ve definitely found myself slowing my pace slightly and taking more breaks during walks/workouts when needed.

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning. It was the last 3 week appointment. We will now have to go there every 2 weeks for another 2 weeks, followed by weekly appointments. Mach and I were surprised this morning when our doctor told us she was going to do a mini ultrasound to check the baby’s position, etc…we were excited since we definitely didn’t expect to have one today! It was hard to see everything clearly-she hid the bottom of the baby so as to not give anything away, but honestly I don’t think I would’ve known one way or another. Everything is just so blurry! I think the best part was her showing me where the baby is in relation to what I have been feeling. I thought the baby’s feet were high above my belly button and the big lump I am always touching, turns out it’s his/her bum! CLL is curled in a ball (head down!) with the arms and head up against my uterine wall and feet out towards my right side. That would explain the other kicks! Dr. Dobrenis is pretty sure he/she will stay head down for the remainder of the stay, which makes me happy! Here are two photos, one of the profile (hard to see because it’s smushed against my uterine wall) and a view of one of the feet from the bottom. We saw all 5 toes 🙂


I asked the doctor about the size of the baby and at first she responded that everything seemed totally average size but then she decided to measure the leg and head. The legs are measuring about a week larger and the head is measuring as if I was 33 weeks! She still seems convinced we are going to have a tall baby! We shall see soon enough.

She asked if we had made a decision about what we would do if we ended up with a boy-circumciseor not? Mach and I had talked about this awhile ago and decided we would not becircumcision. I have done a lot of reading and research about it. It is a completely personal decision for every couple, but since there is absolutely no medical benefit to having it done (basically it’s a cosmetic procedure) and we don’t have any religious reasons for doing so, we have decided we will leave it untouched. I just thought I’d share that little tidbit in case anyone was curious.

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