33 weeks

Baby Size: CLL is about 4.2lbs and measuring around 17.2 inches. The fruit comparison is a pineapple!

Fun Facts:The baby is now keeping his/her eyes open while awake as well as learning to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. S/he might grow an inch just this week!

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling okay. No real complaints other than feeling big and not sure if that’s normal or not! I know I should be growing but I feel like my tummy is big for 33 weeks! I am hoping I start to plateau at some point soon so that I can adjust and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. I think being out-of-town and away from my yoga routine isn’t helping! I’ve been walking daily but it’s just not the same as a good workout at the gym and a nice stretch at yoga.

Since Mach and I are approaching the 34th week, when we will be having our “big” meeting with our Doula, Terry, we’ve begun to finalize our “wishes” for the birth. We are well aware that we need to be flexible and open but we do want to have a plan in place for different situations should they arise. We want Terry to be familiar with our wishes so that she can help us communicate them to the doctors and nurses at the hospital-after all, that’s a big part of why we’ve asked her to be a part of this experience. I should mention that we have not gone through our list with Terry yet so there might be some changes to this birth wish list since she has the most experience dealing with our hospital, but we don’t plan on changing things based on comments from family and friends (sorry, guys)! I did want to share it for those of you that are curious with our birth “plan” and I am definitely open to talking about it or answering any questions!

Birth Plan/Wish List

Laboring at Home:

  • I‚Äôd like to stay at home with my Doula, Terry and Maciej there with me for as long as it’s safe and comfortable.
  • I‚Äôd like to keep myself hydrated and fueled with light snacks and water throughout labor. (snacks to include coconut water, bananas & crackers with almond butter)
  • I would like to be encouraged to move into as many positions as possible for optimal pelvis opening and baby movement.
  • I‚Äôd like for my coaches to use encouraging words about strength, etc… and to remind me that natural birth is possible.
  • I‚Äôd like lots of photos taken to remember the day even if they are just for Mach and me.
  • I‚Äôd like to listen to music on my iPod/iPad (the mix Mach has made for labor/delivery).

At The Hospital:

  • I prefer not to be offered pain medication or an epidural at any time.
  • I want to be free to move or walk around as much as possible (if monitoring is necessary, I’d like it to be intermittent monitoring)
  • I‚Äôd like to wear my own clothes until I feel like changing into a hospital gown.
  • I‚Äôd like to get in the shower if that makes me feel better.
  • I would like to avoid an episiotomy as much as possible and if I am going to tear I’d like it to happen naturally. I do not want to be cut.
  • I do not want my water broken unless absolutely required.
  • If my labor goes beyond a day and/or Terry and I feel I would benefit from a rest, epidural discussion can begin.

Delivery + Postpartum

  • I would like skin-to-skin contact upon birth on my chest and plenty of time thereafter.
  • I‚Äôd like to try nursing right after birth (or very quickly after the necessary measurements have been taken).
  • In the event of a C-section, I‚Äôd like Maciej to be with the baby as soon as possible and have the baby be skin to skin with him.
  • I would like to allow time for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut so the baby gets all remaining cord blood.
  • I would like Machto cut the umbilical cord.
  • I would like Mach to be the one to announce the baby’s gender.
  • I‚Äôd like to have the baby‚Äôs first bath in the room and participate if possible.
  • I‚Äôd like to postpone the eye drop antibiotics for several hours if possible.
  • If it’s a boy, I do not want him circumcised.
  • I‚Äôd like to spend as much time with my baby as possible during my hospital stay.
It would be nice for everything to go smoothly but I know that it might not, and that’s okay. The most important thing is to keep the baby and me as healthy as possible!

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