34 weeks and a baby shower!

Baby Size: So, we had a doctor’s appointment on Monday for my checkup and it was noted that during my 20 week sonogram the placenta was low-lying. They wanted me to get checked again to make sure it had moved. This is very normal and most of the time will have moved once pregnancy progresses. Mach and I went for our follow-up sonogram yesterday. It’s amazing how different it is to see the baby now. It’s so much bigger that you can’t even see the head/abdomen in the same shot. I don’t think I would’ve been able to tell the gender if it was staring me in the face! Anyways, the tech did all the measurements to give us the estimated size. We all know based on my weekly size predictions what I think the baby size should be. Well, turns out OUR baby is slightly larger. Or very much larger. At 34 weeks I thought the baby would be around 5lbs. CLL is measuring around 6 lbs 4 ounces! Even the tech said that we have a big baby in there. While I worried for a bit after the appointment, I believe this is okay and each baby is different. We will just have a big baby 🙂 So, I don’t think I can guesstimate the size anymore each week because I just don’t know. They say the fruit comparison this week is a butternut squash but I’d venture to say we are an oversized butternut squash! Note: the placenta did move and is in fine position now!

Fun Facts: CLL is listening and might even be able to recognize songs/music I am listening to now once s/he comes out! I better play more music! His/her finger and toe nails are now well-formed and may even grow up from the nail bed to reach the tip of the fingers and toes.

How I’m Feeling: I am feeling more tired today-sleeping is becoming more difficult as just when I seem to get comfortable I need to go to the bathroom! Then the process starts all over again. But, Mach is being a trooper and handling the snoogle taking over most of the bed (and probably me too). Everyone keeps saying-get your rest now…sleep lots now…well, that’s hard! Sleeping isn’t easy. Neither is relaxing on the couch…there aren’t too many positions to sit or lay down in that feel good. But, that’s okay…a nap or two will help!

This past week has been filled with lots of exciting baby related activities. On Sunday, my Mom hosted a shower for me in CT. It was so wonderful to see all my friends and family for some baby time. We had delicious food, decorated onesies and opened LOTS of amazing presents. I wasn’t even sure Mach and I would find places for everything. Luckily, with some organizing I was able to get a handle on everything. I will be bringing back the blankets and clothes this weekend since my Mom wanted to wash them all first.

Here are a few pictures from the shower-I will have more once Mach has time to upload the photos he took!





My friend Kendel included this cool necklace in the gift she got us. It’s by a company called Chew Beads. Not only is it a really cool looking necklace but it’s such an awesome idea. And appropriately enough-the style of the necklace she got me is the “Jane”. They are all named after streets in NYC. I happen to live on Jane Street!

Here are some updated pictures of the nursery (with the bunting flags my Mom gave me from the shower that match the nursery perfectly) and some of the closet with things getting organized!

Notice the adorable elephant lamp in the corner?! Obsessed! We will be putting a shelf up above the bed as well.


Sophie checking out the new stuff!

I am sure the diapering system and where things will end up being will shift once the baby arrives, but for now I just guessed where I’d want things to be!

The mamaroo rocker will have a new home somewhere in the living room, but for now it’s staying in the nursery. Here is a fun video Mach took after we set it up! Please ignore the chatter of my voice in the background 🙂

[wpvideo nCcPSU45]

We are off to take some maternity photos tonight-more just as a memory for us, but if we do get any we like I will be sure to share!





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