35 Weeks

Baby Size: I am guessing the baby is probably somewhere in the upper 6lb range? Length wise 17.2-18.7″ long (again, I’d guess closer to the longer side) The fruit comparison the websites tell me is a coconut, although I think CLL might be bigger than that.

Fun Facts: The baby’s hearing is fully developed and s/he can hear and respond to high-pitched noises. If it’s a boy, all the parts are now there and fully developed!

How I’m Feeling: Tired! Sleeping is getting increasingly more difficult. I feel like a broken record when I say that but between the bathroom calls and bouts of insomnia, I am struggling! The only upside is that I’m definitely getting ready for the long nights with the baby. I don’t understand where the insomnia is coming from but I think I need to start keeping a little snack by the bed and maybe it will help me get back to sleep. I wake up to go to the bathroom and I just cannot go back to sleep. Very odd for me.

The past two evenings (around the same time) I’ve also begun to have cramping. It’s a new cramping in my lower pelvis that has a caught me off guard and made me a bit nervous. Enough so that I called my doula and doctor last night to check on them. They asked if there was any bleeding, etc…associated with it and I quickly told them no. The doctor on call wasn’t the most friendly and was quick to tell me that it’s normal and most likely my body “getting ready”. It makes sense, however, 35 weeks seems a touch early to be getting ready. I am planning on checking in with my doctor again this morning just to double-check with her. My next appointment isn’t until Monday so I want to make sure I speak to her before the weekend.

As promised, here are a couple of photos from the shower:

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