37 weeks=full term

Well-40 weeks will really be my “full term” but technically once you reach 37 weeks, if the baby were to be born it would no longer be considered premature.

I am jumping ahead with my post for this week because Mach is going to guest post! We thought it might be nice to get some male/husband/soon to be dadperspectiveon the past 9 months and 1 week 🙂

Baby Size: The baby is probably hovering around 8ish lbs, give or take. The doctor suspects s/he will be in the upper 8lb range and if I go all the way to my due date or past I could be in the 9lb range. The fruit comparison this week is a winter melon.

Fun Facts: CLL is getting ready for his/her first poop! The first dirty diaper will be filled with meconium. S/he is also getting better and better at practicing breathing as well as sucking, blinking and gripping.

How I’m Feeling: I had an amazing weekend away with some of my best girl friends. It was exactly what I needed before hunkering down to wait for this little babe to arrive. I am still having trouble sleeping, but at this point I know there is nothing I can do about it. I am looking at it as an opportunity to prepare my body to be waking up at all hours with the little babe!

We had a great meeting with our doula, Terry this week. We reviewed everything from how we are feeling to specific birth plans to what we can expect to encounter at our hospital during our stay. It was incredibly informative and great to talk through everything that I had been thinking about and talking about with Mach these past few months. We were able to come up with a small list of questions for us to ask our Doctor at this weeks appointment. I was excited to learn that I tested negative for Group B Strep, which means I have a bit more flexibility with when I need to come into the hospital after my water breaks and I won’t need antibiotics through my IV during delivery. My Doctor okay’d me to have a hep lock instead of an IV, I am allowed to haveintermittentmonitoring instead of continuous and she fully supports me moving into any position for pushing that helps the baby to come out! I had my second internal exam, which was not that pleasant and the Dr. said she could tell the Baby’s head has dropped down and I’m about 70% effaced. Nodilationyet, but the head dropping down is great news! Everything that is supposed to happen is actually happening!

Heading into the waiting game for a few more weeks!

Here are some photos from the great ladies weekend away (did I mention my friend Caitlyn brought her son, Quinn with her?!) We had loads of baby time with him, which was amazing!

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