4 weeks

4 weeks have flown by, while at the same time I can’t really tell the difference between day and night other than the sun is up for one of them 🙂

Maciej has been amazing with helping during the night-since we are breastfeeding AND bottle feeding, while I breastfeed Elle, he gets up and warms the bottle so it’s ready to go as soon as she’s done. It’s so helpful to just have someone to get up and get the bottle so that I can stay in bed and feed her/change her and then have the bottle ready to go. The hardest part is sitting up with her for the 20 minutes post feeding for her to digest. In the long run it helps to give her that time upright so that she doesn’t get extra gassy or fussy when we put her down (which would lead to a longer time getting her to sleep).

early morning snuggling…

She has been sleeping for longer stretches at night (around 3 hours). We think it’s due to the fact that we began using her halo sleep sac swaddle. It’s so easy to use, especially at 2am and 5am when we are half asleep!

This past weekend we ventured down to SOHO to go to giggle to make a few returns and a few purchases. This meant we had to take our first cab ride! Mach and I were a little nervous but we navigated swiftly and luckily we had a lovely cab driver who was super patient with us! (I wasn’t able to take any photos of this event because we had our hands full trying to figure it all out!)

We popped into Patagonia, which was right across the street. We’ve been lucky to have friends gift us with lovely items from Patagooch but none that fit her quite yet-so we made an impulse buy. Hopefully it lasts her at least a few weeks 🙂 She is growing like a weed!

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been working on breastfeeding. One of the hurdles we had besides my having low milk supply was that our little Elle was tongue-tied. It’s actually something hereditary-and both my Sister and Father were tongue-tied. Per the recommendation of my incredible lactation consultant, we took her to a wonderful ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) who specializes in treating infants. Mach and I weren’t sure what she was going to say when we went in because our pediatrician didn’t seem concerned about her being tongue-tied. Well, as soon as she was examined, the Doctor said she thought it was a pretty severe tongue tie and that it was something that we needed to take care of. So, right then she was able to do a procedure to clip her frenulum. I held her in my arms, while Mach held her head. The entire thing lasted about 2 seconds but it felt like an eternity and it was 1000 times more traumatic for us than it was for her. Right after she was clipped the doctor helped her latch on to my breast to teach her how to latch with her “new” tongue and to sooth her. She screamed for about a second and then promptly fell asleep.

Here is a photo prior to the clipping.

The day or so after she was definitely a little fussier than normal but breastfeeding has been going great-if anything she is less excited about the bottle. I am happy we made the decision to go in and get it checked out sooner rather than later.

Here is a link to some more information on infant tongue tie.

We were able to attend a neighborhood friends’ art gallery opening the other night, which featured Sophie in a few of the pieces! She does amazing animal photography. You can check out here stuff here:

It was a bit ambitious to bring Ellery, but it was lovely to get out of the house for even 20 minutes! Plus, we couldn’t miss seeing photos of Sophie up in a NYC gallery!

“Peeking Sophie”

Although no one could see-we put her in a sweater appropriate for the occasion:

We’ve been trying to get out of the house at least once a day-on weekends Mach is able to join us and he even did some baby wearing!

Elle and I attended our first New Mom Support group this week at the prenatal yoga center. It was so nice to be able to bring her to something where we could openly breastfeed, chat with other Moms with new babies and just feel good opening up about our days-the good, the bad, the ugly! I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about going, but it was a great afternoon. I didn’t take any pictures while there this past week, but I will next time.

Here are some other photos of our week!

Thanks Grammie for my outfit!
tummy time!

Elle’s favorite time for a nap!

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