40 weeks

I’ve been waiting for the day when I can say “today is my due date”! Well, that is if I hadn’t given birth already!


Baby Size: We don’t know how big the baby is at this point but we can assume it’s big based on the doctor’s observations. The fruit comparison this week is a jackfruit (although I have NO idea what a jackfruit looks like!) Thanks to thebump.com for the weekly fruit images!

Fun Facts: Only 5% of women deliver on or before their due date!

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling OKAY. Other than being a bit anxious (this is quite trying on someone who likes to plan pretty much everything in life down to the tee), my only complaint is really feeling pretty uncomfortable almost all the time now. Ever since the baby really dropped into my pelvis I have had a lot of pelvic pain and pressure, which makes getting up and down a little more difficult. The doctor also mentioned that due to the baby still being in the OP position I am probably feeling more uncomfortable than if the baby was in the ideal position. My belly is big and sticks out a lot more on top than on the bottom, which feels very top-heavy!

I had my weekly appointment yesterday and there wasn’t any change in dilation or effacement and like I mentioned, CLL is still in OP position. After my appointment I updated our doula as we do every week and she recommended we take another step to see about trying to encourage the baby to move. She had me call a physical therapist here in NYC who specializes in physical therapy during pregnancy and even encouraging baby’s to move from breech or OP positions to a normal position. They had me come in this morning and it was really interesting. She did a quick evaluation of my spine, pelvis and hip mobility. She determined a few spots that were holding tension or not moving as smoothly as they could/should be and then spent the remainder of the appointment focusing on those spots. She spent some time massaging my lower left hip/upper pelvis area where she said the ligaments were tight and preventing the baby from moving into that area. The baby is very much settled into my right side. She showed me a move that I can do at home to try to encourage the baby to move. The table she was working on me had a whole in it so that I was able to lay down on my belly for the first time in months and months. She then worked on aligning my spine and giving a gentle massage to at the very least make sure my body is completely aligned to make for the smoothest possible labor/delivery (even if the baby is in OP position). For anyone who is experiencing ANY discomfort in their back/pelvis, etc during pregnancy..I HIGHLY recommend researching a place similar to this one. There are solutions to those aches and pains that can benefit not only you but the baby too!

You can check out the place I went to here.

Now that my due date has come (and almost gone) I can let everyone know that we will be sharing the news of the baby’s arrival via email and then once we get a chance will post a photo on the blog as well! I am hoping that this is my last blog post until the baby arrives, but no guarantees!

We will have a non-stress test to check the baby on Monday and then another appointment with our doctor right after. If there are any updates, I will post again!

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