6 Weeks

I am playing a bit of catch up with the blog since I haven’t had a chance to update in a couple of weeks. Elle is taking a morning nap, so I have a chance to read some blogs, write some emails and a new post!

Here are some photos from our 6th week!

We went and helped Grammie & Grampy pick out their Christmas Tree (we may have tried to sneak in a few Christmas photos too 🙂

Auntie Cara came to visit us and there were lots of smiles!



We’ve been going to a breastfeeding support circle held at the Prenatal Yoga Center. It’s fun to chat with other new Moms and Ellery enjoys lots of Mommy time!




Grammie came to visit for a night and we did a little fashion show with our new headbands! These probably won’t last long since our little nugget seems to be growing and growing (even in the head!)


We spend lots of time on the activity mat-Ellery’s favorite animal is the owl because of its big eyes. We have lots of fun giggling on the mat while watching the owl swing around!



A little video of activity mat time and giggles!

[wpvideo AiAVSF8G]

We bop in the mamaroo for a bit sometimes too!


Passed out for a nap during our new mom support group!


During our 6th week we tried out our monitor for sleeping at night. We’ve begun a nightly routine-last feeding, bath, some time rocking with Mom or Dad and then a swaddle and sleep. It’s been working great and we are averaging about 5-6 hours of sleep after we put her down. Then another 3 or so hours after that. Not bad for a 6 week old!


A shot at bath time!


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