7 Months!

Our little nugget head turned 7 months this past week!

What is happening at 7 Months?

Ellery LOVES:

  • Watching Sophie and the other pups run around!
  • Chewing on everything and anything. No teeth yet, but I suspect sooner rather than later.
  • Smiling so much and scrunching up her face while doing it.
  • She lovessomeof her solids: squash pear, sweet potato, banana, avocado sweet potato.
  • Sitting up by herself.


  • Having her face wiped
  • Lying on her back for too long (aka, hurry up with those diaper changes, Mom!)
  • Peas, Oatmeal or anything with a weird texture.
  • Having something taken from her that she absolutely loves and isn’t supposed to have (mostly phones, remotes or anything with buttons).



We’ve been very busy with lots of play dates with our new mom friends! Here Elle is with her friend, Maddie, who we’ve known since they were both 4 weeks old!



More friends!IMG_5602

[wpvideo CheSzhaZ]


Chewing on our shoes has become a favorite thing to do in the stroller…



The beautiful weather has made for lots of long walks with our goose along the Hudson River.



(walking with BOTH of her Sophies 🙂


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