7 weeks and a Tutu or Two

Ellery and I have both been sick with a cold this past week but we are feeling better and even went to our first Mommy and Me yoga class the other day! Ellery got hungry towards the end so we missed a few minutes to take a break and feed her, but then she relaxed and clearly enjoyed her time during savasana.


Mach and I were messing around with some of her adorable outfits and accessories…she wasn’t thrilled.



Breakfast at Bonsignour with a nugget! Dad has become quite the baby wearer!


Blue Steel?

All dressed for a stroll outside with me!

Sitting like a big girl (well, more like managed to balance by herself for a minute!)


I began taking the domperidone this past week. Domperidone is a drug that aids in digestion but the side effect is milk production. It’s used widely in treating low milk supply. It will take a few weeks to see if there is any change in my milk supply. If there isn’t an improvement after a month, I will go off of it. At that point I can say I have literally tried everything!

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