8 Months

I know I say this almost every monthly post that I write but I just cannot believe Ellery is 8 months old. I just don’t understand how time can go back so fast!? It was just a year ago that Mach and I were researching our birth plans and getting Elle-Belle’s nursery set up. Now, she is here and learning and growing at a faster pace then I can keep up with.



Ellery is LOVING:

Solids! It took a little while but I think we’ve finally found a feeding schedule that works for all of us and some new foods that she is loving. Lately we are enjoying goat milk yogurt with pureed berries and some oats at breakfast. We’ve been trying mashed egg yoke (from free roaming, organic, locally sourced eggs), avocado banana smash, sweet potatoes with apple and we are working our way onto beans, pastas and some more whole grains to incorporate with all our veggies.

Books! Ellery loves to sit and read a book. She’s very much interested in touching the touch and feel books and knows exactly where to put her fingers to feel the texture. It’s such an amazing change from when we first started reading.

Music and Dancing: She is still loving music and dancing to raffi and other fun songs. She just bops along on her bum while the music plays.

Moving everywhere! Ellery is on the move. She isn’tofficiallycrawling yet but she is close. She is up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth and trying to move forward. I am so excited for her to figure it out but selfishly okay with her not being quite so mobile yet. She is my little babe and I’m not sure I am ready for her to start crawling and then (omg!) walking!

She has started pulling herself up in the crib. We just lowered it last night because we didn’t want to worry about any accidents even though she can’t quite pull herself up and stay up. It could happen and I want to be ready for it.


Ellery pulling herself up in crib

We came back from a week at the Cape. I needed some help during the day with our nugget so that I could get some work done and Grammie came to our rescue. Mach joined us for the weekend and we finally got a day at the beach. This was Elle’s first trip to “our beach” and she had a blast. She was a little confused about the sand and I don’t think she was overly excited about the temperature of the water; however she was all smiles and sleptunbelievablywell that night. The saltwater air will getcha every time!



elle and dad at the beach

This past month Ellery is NOT loving:

-Long diaper changes (or diaper changes at all because they require her to lay still)

-Hanging in the high chair, even with toys she doesn’t love waiting around for her food!

-Having toys or things taken from her that she is not supposed to have. uh oh.


She’s a hoot to hang out with…even on our very long drives back to NYC from the Cape.



(we stopped for a poopy diaper explosion and please forgive my face as Mach and I were still recovering from a bout of food poisoning)

I am slightly obsessed with J.Crew’s new baby line-hence the above mini photo shoot 🙂




We had a great week at the Cape, got a lot of work done and look forward to heading back for the 4th. I have no doubt we will need to do some serious baby proofing in our apartment, in CT and at the Cape very shortly!


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