8 weeks: taking care of someone else…

this week I have been in CT taking care of our dog, Sophie. She tore her ACL and needed surgery right away. We decided to have it done in CT since we are very comfortable with our vet here. Plus, M and I knew it would be easiest to be at my parents house in CT where my Mom would be able to help me with Sophie’s recoup process and M had a week full of work and classes.

It’s been tough since the surgery was a lot more intense than we anticipated and I am not sure I was feeling emotionally stable enough to leave her for surgery and then see her in so much pain. She is back home with me now and recovering nicely-although it will be a long 6 week recovery.

Here are some photos of her post op (warning…they are a bit graphic if you have an uneasy stomach):

Sailor and Charlie just wanted to be next to Sophie, which was so nice. We are so lucky that they all get along so well and love each other!

resting with all the pups!

I’m 8 weeks this week. Time is flying by. I just can’t wait until I can tell all my family and friends. I am thinking after our next ultrasound towards the end of March might be the perfect time. Now…how to announce it?!

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