9 weeks (almost 10)…heading towards double digits

I am 9 weeks and 6 days as of today! Time has slowed a bit…

Last week I had some more bright red spotting, which was scary but definitely not as much as the first time. I went in for another ultrasound and everything looked good. The doctor said everything was progressing normally and I should not worry. That being said, M and I haven’t been happy with the doctors at this practice. Although they’ve been able to see me whenever I need to, they barely spend any time talking to us and they just aren’t that patient when we are asking questions.

We had a meeting with another doctor at another practice yesterday and we LOVED her. The office and hospital she’s affiliated with isn’t the most convenient location, but I am totally willing to travel. I mean…the Upper East Side isn’t THAT far!

This past week I decided to make a few online maternity purchases (eek) purely out of curiousity! I still fit into my clothes, but my super skinny jeans just don’t feel comfortable anymore. I ordered the Always Skinny Maternity Jeans from Gap as well as this white maternity oxford shirt that is super cute. I also ordered this top from ASOS. It’s slightly oversized right now, but I have no doubt I will grow into it and it’s beyond comfortable. I have awhile before I will be able to wear any of these new finds but they are waiting in my closet for when the time comes!

M and I have to start looking for a new apartment. Our lease is up at the end of May and it’s time we find a place where we can get more space for our money. Plus, we want a second bedroom. It’s an exciting and scary process. I think it will be great to have a new place to furnish and start anew before the baby arrives. I also love the idea that we will have space to have my parents come and stay after the baby is born.

A few more weeks and we can finally tell our remaining friends and family the news!

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