A Whole New World (of Solids)…

A photo below of my first batch of homemade sweet potato puree!IMG_4452

We made the decision to begin solids her first week into her fifth month. I believe she has been ready for a week or so at least and I felt comfortable introducing them at this age since she is supplemented with formula as well as breast milk. I wanted the introduction to be slow so I didn’t want the pressure of waiting until the sixth month and then trying to do everything too quickly.

We are on the third day of introducing her first solid, sweet potato and I wish it was going better! I think Mach, myself and Elle were nervous at the first feeding so I am not even sure any made it past her lips, but it was a good first attempt. The second (at breakfast) seemed to go a little bit better and then last night and this morning I am sure a little made it into her mouth. This time there wasn’t any gagging or horrified faces, so I think we are definitely on the right track.

After talking to my sister, who is the baby food maker professional (lots more on this to come in a later post). I think we are going to give apples a try tomorrow, followed by avocado. I wanted to hold off on fruits for a while longer but since she hasn’t had the best reaction to the sweet potato, I think we can give apples a try to get this solid food kick up and running! I mean, how could Mach and I not have a tiny budding foodie on our hands!?

I just have to keep telling myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint and she will learn to love all the wonderful vegetables and fruits over time.

first food 2


first food 1

Here is a short video of our first few bites!

[wpvideo pEfOIMnb]

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