A Year Ago Today…

I wrote this blog post!

I can’t believe how fast the year flew by (and how slow it sometimes felt)! It’s crazy that in a year we moved to a new apartment, traveled to the St. John & St. Thomas, took two trips to Ireland, spent many weekends in Cape Cod, Mach got his MBA at NYU Stern but most importantly, gave birth to Ellery and have spent the past 3.5 months learning how to take care of a newborn and embrace the new life that lies ahead. There is so much I would tell myself back when I wrote that first blog post. Mostly, sleep as much as possible now, take some time and read about pregnancy and labor/delivery but also spend a good chunk of time reading about what to do when the baby actually arrives!

I haven’t had time to keep the blog up to date from week to week lately, so, here is a quick round-up of week 13 & 14 photos.

Ellery is loving exploring the world around her. Now that her vision is much clearer she loves looking around. She actually gets tired of being held and cuddled and wants to be put down so that she can look all around. It’s so fantastic to see her watching you and for her to get excited and happy when you catch her eye. She is definitely getting bigger and her neck control is awesome. She is loving tummy time, which makes Mommy and Me yoga and just hanging out a lot more fun!







Tummy time!IMG_3429



IMG_3472Bundled up for the cold weather!



Auntie time.IMG_3500


Hang time with the goose on the bed (note the paws in the background)IMG_3529


Learning to roll! Trouble!



[wpvideo Tt2BlEN6]


Starting the sleep training process! Luckily, the first night was the hardest and we seem to be doing better and better each day! (knock on wood)!



Some bunny chewing action shots:

[wpvideo Ksz5WLLO]

Some of the many faces…




At lunch with Dad.IMG_3619



ABC Kitchen with Grammie and Grampy! Just another NYC Saturday night…




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