Happy 2 Months Ellery!

our little nugget turned 2 months this week. I can’t believe how the time has flown by!

At this stage Ellery is doing the following:

  • Smiling A LOT! Especially when she sees us smiling and excited.
  • Still moving her arms and legs a ton.
  • Not loving tummy time even though we have to do it!
  • Beginning to grab towards things but still unsure of it. She is still loving her play mat and stares and giggles at her owl friend.
  • She has been sucking her hands for a few weeks now but just today I saw her finally make full contact with her thumb and she sucked for a good 30 seconds. (we aren’t using a pacifier so they say it’s good she is sucking on her hands to learn how to self soothe.)
  • She is sleeping about 6 hours in a row at night, followed by a quick feed and then another 2 or 3 hours. We will take it!
  • After only wanting to sleep in her fisher price rocker, she is finally full-time sleeping in her bassinet! We have the head portion elevated a bit to help with nighttime congestion from the dryness in the air.


Jess, Brian and Mom were in town this past weekend to celebrate Maciej’s completion of the MBA program at NYU. I can’t believe how much he has accomplished while working full-time AND with our new babe. I could never have done it myself. We are all extremely proud of him!

We had lunch at Spunto and Auntie Jess took a turn at holding Ellery so Mach and I could eat 🙂


We stopped by Victory Garden to pick up some treats after lunch and visit Sophia!


A sleepy babe (and Dad) modeling a hat that used to be too small (given to us by Grammie Watts, of course)


Auntie Jess helps us with bath time (not sure who is more excited!?) Ellery LOVES her bath time.


More snuggles…


We had our two month checkup, which also meant vaccines! Eeek! Ellery was SO happy until it was time for the shots…they were intense for both her and us. She developed a low grade fever later that night but it only lasted two days. Our normally happy, calm baby was sad and hurting. Luckily she bounced back fast and was rearing to go.



Some more relaxing during our weekly yoga class.


Attempting to take some selfies of us…didn’t pan out too well.


We made a special onesie to share with Dad while he was at work!

congrats dad

We are off to CT at the end of this week for the holidays! It will be Ellery’s very first Christmas and we are all very excited!

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