Happy Father’s Day

This is a belated Father’s Day post because Mach and I were both super sick this past weekend (and still recovering).

I just wanted to take a special moment to recognize my amazing baby daddy, mach. I had such high expectations for what he would be like as a Father since I already knew how amazing a husband he was (and is), but he has honestly exceeded my expectations beyond words.

Ellery, Sophie and I feel so blessed to have you as our husband and Dad. Thanks for working so hard every day and for loving us all as much as you do. We love you! Happy First Father’s Day!

mach 3

mach 2

mach 1


d 1 (3)




I didn’t want to do a whole post without giving a shout out to my amazing Dad, who has been there for my Sister and I always. We love you!

(it should be noted that the above beach shots of Mach and Elle are taken on the exact same beach in Cape Cod that the below photo was taken!)

babyphoto 28

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