Happy Mother’s Day


I’ve had the most incredible first mother’s day. We celebrated Mother’s Day a littlelast year since I was pregnant, but this year it was for real.

You know when you have one of those perfect days where there is a fleeting moment when you think “it just can’t get any better than this”? I had one of those moments today while I was out for a late afternoon jog on the Westside Highway. I woke up this morning to Maciej getting Elle from her crib and bringing her into bed to nurse, which is our everyday morning routine. But today, after she finished eating with me, Maciej took her from me and let me doze back off into a somewhat dream state for another hour or so. He came back in to get me and woke me up with my first gift. It was the most amazing video he made, which began the day we found out we were pregnant. I started crying within the first ten seconds of watching it. I am holding off to post it here for a few days because I am in the process of making some changes with this blog-but as soon as possible, I will share.

Not long after we got up, we were off to Peels for a great breakfast together.



I ate this deliciousness.IMG_0614


Followed by Ellery’s first swing EVER!



I think Mach and I were more excited about it than she was…



[wpvideo qPrsL8nO]


and later in the day, a picnic outside together.



I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl to spend my first mother’s day with but it shouldn’t go without mentioning that the reason I can even begin to be a good mother to her is because of how amazing of a mother I have. My mom is the most loving, generous and caring person I have ever met and I would be lucky if I could grow to be even a little bit like her. Love you, Mom!




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