I have a 3 month old!?

When did it happen that we have a 3 month old babe!?


*please note the small bow in her hair in the above photo! I’m slightly obsessed*


oh my how time flies!

I am loving every second of this new role of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I think, wowza I am so tired I can almost fall asleep, right here, on the bed when we are playing on Elle’s play mat. BUT, I’ve managed to stay awake (obviously) and catch almost every smile, giggle and moment when I realize she’s just seen something for the very first time.

(She is already loving sitting and watching football with Mach, not that she has much of an option.)

At this stage her vision is clear and she is able to focus on things. She seems to recognize me and Mach and even gets happy and excited when she sees us. She smiles all.the.time, which is amazing. The few times she gets fussy we know something is up. Usually it’s that she has a pee pee diaper or about an hour after eating it’s time for a snooze. I don’t want to jinx us by reporting her sleeping habits but the past several weeks she has been up to around 10 hours of consecutive sleep (!!) Let’s just say that makes for one happy mama! Because of all this sleep, we have been up for lots more activity during the day. We’ve attempted some very long walks in an effort to walk off some baby weight (along with a new diet that I might write about a bit from time to time)! I must get out of these stretch pants sometime in the near future! 🙂



Ellery is getting better and better at grabbing things (and then putting them in her mouth) so I am starting to do my research on toys that I want her to have and not have. I feel very strongly about her not having anything she can put in her mouth that might not have been made in a safe place or of healthy materials. There are many different toy manufacturers that make products of gross or possibly unsafe materials. I want to make sure we are providing her with the safest toys that she might be putting directly into her mouth. So far, we haven’t needed to give her a pacifier. We definitely aren’t against it, but the doctor said if we were even asking when or why to give one to her that we definitely didn’t need it. She seems to be content putting her entire hand in her mouth for now 🙂


Her head control is getting better and better and makes it a lot easier to hold her. She also is so much more interested in looking around when we are out and about. Whether she is in her stroller or in her baby bjorn carrier, her little eyes are peeping out to see the world around her!


We are trying to appreciate every moment as time seems to go by faster than ever before. There is so much to look forward to and Mach and I often talk about the future and how we can wait to watch Elle grow! But for now, I am okay with our little nugget staying exactly as she is right now!

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