Long Overdue “Techy” Post


I’ve been meaning to write a post about some of the apps I’ve found to be more than helpful from day one of pregnancy.

As it happened with me, I found out I was pregnant and was NOT expecting it at all. So, the obvious first thing to do is turn to the internet for some guidance. The second thing, was to search “pregnancy” in the app store on my iPhone. I immediately downloaded the following apps:

  • My Pregnancy (babycenter)
  • What to Expect pregnancy
  • Baby Bump
  • Sprout Pregnancy

I won’t go into detail on those apps, but I did use them all and found them all to have helpful information day by day.

I pre-downloaded some apps towards the end of my pregnancy that I also found to be helpful once I had Ellery.

  • My Baby (babycenter)
  • Total Baby
  • Baby Connect

We ended up liking the Baby Connect app the best and are still using it to this day. Now we only record her food and information from all her doctors appointments, height, weight, etc…but in the beginning we recorded everything (every pee, poo, feeding, sleeping, etc…) What did people do without iPhones back in the day?! 🙂


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