Never enough time!

As I sit here at the computer frantically trying to finish some work before a wedding this weekend feeling overwhelmed and over tired because Ellery is sick with a nasty cold and not sleeping, I am reminded by someone else’s blog post that I haven’t posted Ellery’s 11 month update (she turned 11 months this past Monday). I want to spend some time on it so I won’t just rush through something to get it done. Instead, I will leave you with this other person’s post, which struck me-there is never enough time and there shouldn’t be. Taking care of a baby is full-time work (no, it really is) and as much as I want to document every minute of it, there is just no way that will happen. So, I shall do my best and appreciate each moment I have to snuggle with our sick nugget because she won’t always be this little and wanting Momma snuggles.

A photo from our lovely Sunday morning coffee date this past week.

mach elle soph coffee

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