Sharing the News!

This has been such a fun week! After Maciej and I shared the news with our friends and family we were overwhelmed with notes, emails & tons of love! You always hope everyone will be as excited as you, but you never know. We got a lot of people who were shocked by our news and others that seemed to know it was coming sometime soon.

I was lucky enough to have planned a visit with my dear friend, Jenny, the next day after the announcement. She came into the city for the day so we could have lunch together and visit our friend, Sophia at Victory Garden. (If you don’t know Victory Garden, get to know it immediately! Jenny showed up at my apartment with a smile and a big box!

If you don’t know-Giggle is a great shop here in NYC and it’s one of the places M and I plan to register. I was so surprised and excited for the first gift for the baby and me! I didn’t wait for M (sorry, love) and opened it right away. Inside was a book and the most adorable stuffed sheep I’ve ever seen and felt.

I can’t believe I didn’t have this book on having an Organic Pregnancy! I’ve already read most of it and highly recommend it if you are interested in trying to have an Organic pregnancy. It’s filled with amazing tips and information that I didn’t know. Mr. Sheep pouf is adorable and SO soft. I have no doubt the baby will LOVE this. It’s made by the same company that makes Sleep Sheep. Now it’s just a matter of keeping Sophie from thinking this is her new stuffed toy 🙂 The gifts were the perfect first presents for us…getting us into baby mode little by little. Thank you Jenny and Tom!

Jenny and I headed off to grab some lunch and had a great time-although our sandwiches could’ve been a little better. We tried the new Vegan cafe that opened next to Victory Garden called Cafe Blossom. I got the “Banh Mi” sandwich. It was a bit too much tofu for me-thick slabs. It did the job for two hungry ladies, though. Plus, it was nice to sit and catch up without being bothered too much.

We headed to Victory Garden for dessert, which was lovely as per usual! If you haven’t tried the Chia Seed parfait, you are missing out! It’s Vegan and totally delicious! Get it with blueberries and cacao nibs.

M and I headed to CT for the weekend, he had his new camera shipped there and was anxious to get it and start using it immediately! We had a relaxing weekend and even snuck in a dinner with our friends on Saturday night. When we arrived home from CT, we were surprised to find another package at our door. We were so excited to see it was from our dear friends, Matt & Allison. M and I opened them together.

We are so lucky to have such loving friends to spoil us with such goodies. I wasted no time and the lotion went right to the bathroom for use!

Anyone who knows Allison knows that she is a cosmetics professional and sure enough she got this one spot on! The lotion is amazing and exactly what I need to get me through tons of dry skin! Thank you M & A!

We really are so lucky to be bringing this new life into the world where we are already surrounded with such support and love! Thank you everyone!

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