stomach bug + pregnancy is NOT fun…

I had the most fabulous weekend after arriving home from our babymoon-it was my Sister Jessica’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Weekend! We hosted the Bridal Shower in CT and then myself and 7 of her friends came back to NYC where we stayed at the Empire Hotel, had a fun dinner at Beauty and Essex, brunch at Peels & due to the inclement weather ended up not being able to do trapeze school and ended up painting pottery at Make Meaning. It ended up being perfect since a few of the girls might not have made it through hanging upside down and doing flips.

That being said-I think between the traveling and the busy weekend (with little sleep) I ran myself into the ground and am now sick with a stomach bug! It’s miserable. Normally, stomach bugs really do stink big time-but it stinks even more because I am worried about CLL! I can barely eat or drink anything and the most important thing is staying hydrated! So, my feet are up, laptop is out and I am resting, sleeping and sipping ginger ale and anything else I can stomach at this point!

So, I thought I would take time to post some of Mach’s photos from our Babymoon & one of two from Jess’s Shower too 🙂

St. John

Bridal Shower!


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