The cold is here-so is the gear!

I’ve had a few people (both out of towners and new moms) ask about what they need for their babes in the cold weather. We are headed into our second winter here in NYC and so I thought I would put together a short list of items we loved and are still loving as well as some new items for my now walking toddler!

7am Enfant:

I have been loving this brand since last winter when I discovered their stroller mittens. I am still using my stroller mittens and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is out and about with their stroller on a daily basis. They’ve come out with some great new styles and colors this winter.



Also from 7am Enfant is their baby carrier cover. I love the look of this cover which can also be used as a blanket for the stroller or car seat. It’s great to have a cover for the baby carrier because it’s hard to put your baby in a big, bulky coat before getting him/her into the carrier. Comfort for Mom/Dad and babe!




Once we had a few consecutive cold days our apartment building kicks on the heat and you can feel any moisture in the air get sucked out. It gets very dry and fast! We started up the humidifier the other night to try to prevent Ellery’s room from getting too dry. Moist air is cleaner and warm, moist air is easier to breathe. We have this Vicks humidifier below.



Now that we have a walking babe on our hands we were in need of some great boots!

We found these at UGG, which we are loving:


and we just ordered these from Gap because they were too cute to pass up!

gap boots


We were on the hunt for a great snowsuit and I was able to find a bunch of options for little boys but I wanted to find something a bit more fun and colorful (even though we were tempted to just go all navy as per usual). Gap had some great options but we ended up with this cute one from Baby Boden.

boden snow


Last but not least we needed some mittens and a hat (well, we will probably need several of each) but some cute options to get the season started.

I fell in love with this Oeuf hat-I mean, come on. It’s adorable and SO soft. It’s hard because I love everything Oeuf!


I found these adorable mittens on Etsy and we cannot wait to try them out! They are from a shop called SweetKM. They also have the sweetest bonnets that might need to be our next hat 🙂

etsy mittens


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