Happy Labor Day / 10.5 Months

We stayed in the city this weekend and it’s been quite nice. We haven’t had to do too much rushing around and it’s been great having Mach around to play with us!

Last week Ellery and I went to a music class that took place outside along the Hudson River. It was HOT and humid but she loved it.



I don’t make Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese often because I can make my own from scratch more easily-but we were feeling an itch (Mom was feeling an itch) for the throwback. I added some peas to try to make it a bit more healthy, which would have worked had she not picked every pea out and given it to Sophie (who also did not want the peas).



A couple times a week we bop over to Chelsea Market to share a smoothie from One Lucky Duck.

and in other Chelsea Market news, our absolute favorite candy company, Liddabit Sweets has opened there! dangerous.




There are a couple of things Ellery can’t get enough of lately…

Playing with (in) Sophie’s water dishes.




and snuggling/kissing/annoying Sophie at all points of the day 🙂


We took a long walk down to Battery Park City this past weekend to give Elle Belle her first “official” Shake Shack experience. As you can imagine, she couldn’t eat much/I wouldn’t let her eat much 🙂 but she did have a small bite of a french fry and some vanilla custard. Just enough for a taste 🙂

The last time she was at Shake Shack was at my NYC baby shower!


Waiting for it to buzz!



The other exciting event of this past weekend was Ellery met her Auntie Maya from Wisconsin! Mach’s Dad came to visit for the weekend with his wife and daughter and we spent some quality time with them bopping around the city. We went to the Children’s Museum, out to lunch and just walked in Central Park. Maya was nice enough to share her popsicle with Ellery!



We plan to do some work but mostly enjoy our Labor Day together (possibly in our pajamas all day a la Ellery 🙂 Happy Labor Day!



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